Adventure 63 – Caverns Under the Quarry (Dark Tower)

Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 9)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 7)
Gubikla – Gome: Magic User (lv 9)
Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 8)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 9)
Pete – Dragonborn: “Real” Cleric (lvl 8)


I heard a rumor that Cloverdung was having a party, but no one wanted to go as it was being held in his pants!  Everyday bitches!


With two party members turned to stone.  The party teleports back to town.  The party drops off Hammar at the temple with a note that he is good for the payment of them turning him back into flesh.  Hammar then takes restoration and cures Mightychondria.  The member of the party head out into town and resupply any equipment and consumables that were needed.   They also trade or set up agreements to get get a few thing forged or upgrade the enchantments of put on some items.

The party heads back to the Black Tower.  This time Gubikla uses a teleportation circle.  For some reason he brought us back to the giant silver statue cavern.  We did notice that most of the statue is now cut off at the wall.  There was also a large Ogre or Half Giant skeleton on the floor along with a bunch of Goblin skeletons.  The party makes their way back to the  Black Tower.  Othello and Tetranac snakehead as scouts.  The place is eerily quiet.  When Othello gets to the large black stone room he uses his bolts and blinks to the middle of the room near the western passage way.    Tetranac drops down and heads along the northern wall.  The rest of the party make quite a bit of noise getting down into the room.   Bone head over to the large tables and investigates them again, but does not find anything of interest.  I guess this irritated him as he tries to push over the sarcophagus.  He gets Talin to help him out and they dump the acidic salt down the grating.  In the process dumping several large rubies at least that was what Othello’s thievy sense told him.  The party make their way into the inverted ziggurat and see the remains of the litch’s snake body and what we assume is the litch’s torso.  Talin heads over to the secret door and remember how to open it.  The party heads out on to the ledge and Gubikla uses a d-door and this time Talin follows him through.  Othello blinks across.  The rest of the party makes their way across the rope that got tied off.  They head back up to the tower and into the first floor where the door use to be.   There is still a pile of rubble in the middle of the room.  Othello says something as the party walks in and the serpent brazier light up near the throne.  

The darkness covering the hole in the ceiling is gone and the bed sheet rope is can be seen hanging down.  Tetranac levitates up to the second floor.  Just as he gets to that level a blast of cold hits him from behind and just to his right.  This causes him to lose his concentration and he falls back to floor.  Bone and Talin climb the rope up.   Othello uses his bolt to blink up near the dining table and comes in a little high but makes his landing.   Othello and Talin hear someone head to the east.  Othello calls out to your left and Bone advances past Talin and makes a big swing with his great sword.  He misses but makes the invisible being leap out of the way.  He lands on the rug and Talin sees the rug move and lands a blow knocking the invisible creature down the hole.  Tetranac, Pete, and Gubikla jump out of the way as something lands on the rubble.  Tetranac cast Fairy Fire on invisible creature lighting up the Ogre Mage.  Gubikla cast lightning bolt sculpting out the three party members on the first floor.  The Ogre dodges the initial blast but is not ready for the return arc after it hit the wall.  This fries the Ogre and destroyed what the party assumes was a fireball necklace that blew up consuming the first floor in flames.  This also destroyed most everything on the Ogre.  Gubikla picks up the sword that was the only thing that obviously survived.   Tetranac and Gubikla make there way to the second floor.   Pete starts digging out the cannon the was buried under the rubble.

Othello  bolt blinks to the third floor with the rope and hooks it to the large oak table then proceeds to the bookshelf where Mighty had gotten knocked back from some kind of trap.  He notices that the chest with the spinning locks is no longer there.  The others climb up the rope.  Othello disarms the magical traps on the shelf and takes the fan and scrolls that were on it.  Talin investigates the alchemy lab table and somehow finds a potion in one of the legs.  Tetranac lights the candles around the pentagram.  Bone climbs up the rope that was thrown through another magical mist between the third and fourth floors.  He puts his sword up into the mist and the mist starts flashing faster than it was before.  Gubikla sees that the pentagram is summoning something and sends his familiar into the mist.  The familiar explodes into a shower of feathers.  Tetranac makes his way to the fourth floor.  Talin throws the bookshelf into the pentagram disturbing the circle and putting out two of the candles and then proceeds to the fourth floor.  Gubikla notices most everyone has left so he heads up the rope.  Othello not wanting to take on whatever is getting summoned alone blinks to the fourth floor.   This is when the party realizes that Pete is still not with them.  Apparently he had no way of getting to the second floor after getting his cannon so he went invisible and to a rest behind the throne.

The fourth floor has a large bed in the south portion that is using a Dwarven tapestry as a carpet.  Talin proceeds to pull the bed off the tapestry and roll it up.  There is a desk to the right of the bed that again Talin found a secret compartment that had a book hidden in it.  The book had a mouth and bit Talin’s finger off.  Talin was able to reclaim the book aftershock of that and dropping it on the floor.  Tetranac goes after the southern of the three chest and gets blown backwards due to a trap.  He does manage to stand back up and cut the lock off the chest and open it to find box that has decorative flame symbols on it.  Othello manages to disarm and open the other two chest that he and Bone pliage.   There is a chest in the north that has statues on either side of it.  In the west is a wash stand.  Just south of it is a stand with a scrying sphere.  Gubikla manages to scry to see what is happening on the third floor.   He sees a 12 feet tall, purple,  Abyssal, amphibious creature come out of the summoned circle.  It sniffs the air and then jumps down the hole and heads across the chasm and through the ziggurat room into the cutout passageway.

COD = Tetranac for getting blasted again while levitating up through the tower.


Dark Tower lvl 4


  1. Mark says:

    Dear Mr. DM having read our adventure on the D&D times. I believe I should have received some inspirational dice following my fairy fire spell that aided my comrades in arms. Respectfully, Tetranac Dark Elf Ranget and follower of Mielki Goddess of Rangets.

    • Othello says:

      Just know that this blog is merely a rough synopsis of what happened. It in no way represents exactly what happened. That being said the inspiration dice is purely our DM’s “house rule” so it is purely up to him on when he gives them out. General it is, if you really make him crack up, or if you do something extraordinary good that is “outside the box”. Example: This was in D&D 3.5 rules and before he had inspiration dice, but he might have given one too a Druid that Cast the spell “warp wood” on the desk of a ship to grapple a sea monster. In this case that spell is not really for grappling monsters. There is a slim change it will work and be awesome for the party or it could be horrible as the monster may capsize the ship. The spell may have no affect or it may work to widely and create holes and sink the ship. But if he had gotten it to works it would have been awesome and save the party a lot of issues.

  2. Cable says:

    You didn’t even call me by my name – sang the dwarf Forehead

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