Adventure 66 – Gnoll army

Pete – Dragonborn: “Real” Cleric (lvl 8)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 9)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 7)
Gubikla – Gome: Magic User (lv 9)
Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 8)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 9)


Will we find Cloverdung partying with the Gnolls?

Did Kavis get eaten by a Balrog?

The party head to investigate the wagons on foot.  Othello gets Talin to come along promising him that they have beer.  Tetranac sneaks off on the east side and Othello sneaks on the west side .  With Bone, Gubikla, Talin, and Pete headed down the center.  Pete uses his greater invisibility cloak.  As the party gets closer to the ships with wheels, Talin hails them, asking if they need help and if they have any beer.  They respond by letting loose a pack of Hyaenodon.  

The Hyaenodon split up to charge Talin and Bone from both the west and east sides.  Tetranac unleashes a arrow at one but just misses.  But this caused at least three to become aware of him and they redirected their attack toward him.  Two make it to Talin and one of those runs over Gubikla on the way.  Two other charge Bone.  Othello shoots the one the flanked Talin with his three in one bolts hoping to disable it till Talin could take it out.  Tetranac, Bone, and Talin chop at the Hyaenodon.  Gubikla cast a fireball.  Pete spits acid at two.  Three of them manage to latch on to Tetranac.  One gets a bite on Talin and another one get a bite on Bone.  At this point a group of Gnolls start to advance and the ship starts setting up its sails.  Bone finishes off one of the Hyaenodon.  Gubikla cast another fireball burning one to a crisp.  Pete heals the party.  Othello shoot lightning bolt across Talin and Tetranac hitting the beast that were attacking them but hitting them as well.  The Lighting shaks two off Tetranac and he stabs it through the head.  Talin finishes off the other beast attacking him.  Tetranac gets hit and faints death.  One othe the Hyaenodon heads toward Talin and the other towards Othello.  Othello shoot a orriculum bolt at one of the Gnoll and hits him in the chest.  Bone finishes off the other beast attacking him.  Talin attacks the beast charging him.  Othello shoots another orriculum bolt at another Gnoll and a spark starts shooting between the two orriculum bolts.  Bring the first Gnoll down.  Bone kills a gnoll. Talin kill a Hyaenodon.  A Gnoll goes over to search Tetranac, thinking that he is dead.  Gubikla cast a fireball toward the approaching ship.  But it does not make it close before it vanishes.  Gubikla sees a Tiefling mage on the bow of the ship counteracting his spell.  So he lifts up his staff and gives her the finger.  Tetranac shoots his bracers into the Gnoll’s face that is searching him.  The Gnoll falls over on top of Tetranac.  Othello stabs and kills the last Hyaenodon.  Talin advances to take on the ship.  Pete heals the party again.  Bone starts searching the dead Gnoll.  Pete shoots his acid fish cannon and puts a large hole in the sail.  The Gnoll on Tetranac is fainting death and after being detected gets up and runs off with a scroll case of Tetranac’s.  Tetranac gets up and shoots a oily arrow and strikes the Gnoll squarely in the back and igniting the Gnoll to his death.  Unfortunately his scroll case went up in flames with it.  The Tiefling gives Gubikla the finger, by casting Finger of Death against him but he manages to avoid any harmful effects.  The Gnolls on either side of her shoot black and green arrows.  One and Othello and one at Tetranac.  This cast a holding spell against the two of them.  Talin flies up and tries to headbut the Tiefling but she dodges out of the way and he skids to a stop on the deck.  The Tiefling says she will be with him in a minute little man.  She has another little man to deal with first.   Bone tries to grab a wheel and hoist/sling himself up on the deck.  He makes it on his second attempt.  The Tiefling cast Magic Missile against Gubikla before the ship run over him.  Fortunately the ship is tall enough that it just knock off his hat.  Bone kills off a few Orcs that come up onto the deck.  The two Gnolls on the deck try to shoot Talin but one misses and the other hit the one across for him and knocks him off the deck.  Pete dispels the holding on Tetranac and Othello finally breaks free of the Hold spell.  Talin kills the last of the Gnolls.  Pete cast Sacred Flame and burns up what is left of the sail.  Tetranac grabs an arrow from the Gnoll and shoot a disintegration arrow into the side of the ship.  Causing a large hole to form.   Othello blinks to about a 110 feet into the air and falling to the deck causing a great shock wave, knocking the Tiefling off the ship.  It also caused Othello to crash down to the next deck of the ship.  Gubikla shoots Magic Missiles into the backside of the Tiefling.   After Othello tells Talin that there is ale down below he drops down and finds a cask and goblet with a snowflake on it. He pours himself a tankard and drinks it.  It is like a concentrated ale that is super cold.  It in fact cracks one of his teeth before healing him some.  Bone drops down and sees a chest and brakes open the lock and opens it to a fiery result that does not faze him as he scoops up the coins and gems that remain.

The party searches the remains and the ship.  They see that the other ships have retrieved have joined up with the rest of the other ship group and are now headed toward the party.  Will the party stay and fight or teleport back to town and leave the wagon master to fend for himself?

COD = Gubikla for his finger fight with the Tiefling.


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