Adventure 67 – On the way to the White Fawn

Hammar – Dwarf: Cleric (lvl 8)
Pete – Dragonborn: “Real” Cleric (lvl 8)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 9)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 8)
Gubikla – Gome: Magic User (lv 9)
Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 8)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 9)

Will we find Cloverdung flirting with snowflakes of the red hand?

Did Kavis try to take on the Black dragon without us?

After Killing off the White Dragon the party rest at the Old Oak for a day.  A large number of refugees make it to the Inn from several different directions.  They are reporting Orcs, Gnolls, Giants, and Dragons.  All with white Snowflake in the middle of the Red Hand.  Talin was a nice guy and gave everyone a copper piece.  Othello on the other had charged a copper to tour the dead dragon.  Talin sent a wagon full of refugees down to Wyntbridge.  The rest gathered up and headed that way on foot later in the day.  A little bit after dusk a cart rolls in from the town south of the swamp loaded with beer.  This made Talin and Bone very happy.  They bring tails of a Black Dragon that seems to be venturing out farther like it is looking for something.   

The party decides to head on up to the White Fawn what they run into.  They head out at dawn.  They convince the wagon party to go back part way with them before they headed off road.  Othello scouts head and reports that the road is clear for about three hours by wagon.  The early morning is uneventful and the wagon team turn off and thank the party.  A couple more hours pass and Othello notices a smaller land ship heading north east.  He tell the party and Hammar cast sacred flame to start a grass fire to hopefully get their attention, which it does.  Bone, Talin, and Pete head that direction following the burn of the flame.  Othello takes off on his Hippogriff again and uses a wand of invisibility on himself and the Hippogriff.  Gubikla and Hammar stay with the Hammish and the Wagon.  Tetranac sneaks up on the southern side.  The land ship heads toward the flame to investigate. The party say they need to take the ship as cleanly as possible so that they can use it. This works upto the first attack.  Gubikla cast a Wall of Fire along the ship to kill of the line of enemy on the ship.  This makes several ammunition piles explode.  Pete Dimension Doors himself and Bone to the deck of the ship.   Talin jumps up on the deck.  Othello jumps off his Hippogriff onto the mast.  Hammar cast Spiritual Hammar onto the deck.  Tetranac  levitates and takes pot shots with his bow.  The Orcs on the deck quickly get slaughtered while Othello thunder strikes to two Orcs out of the crows nest.  But somewhere the mast was damaged and it crashes down.  Othello managed to miss getting entangled in all the support lines. But the mast managed to pound the leader Orc through the deck.  Tetranac picks off one of the Orcs that jumped off the ship and started to run away but could not get the other one.  Bone, Talin, and Pete drop down into the hull of the ship.  Gubikla blast a hole in the side of the ship so he does not have to climb to the deck of the ship and then go down the hatch.   As he detected magic inside the hull.  The blast barely misses the party members in the ship.  Talin grabs Gubikla’s hat and pulls it down over Gubikla’s head and then tosses him out the hole that was created.  The party manages to find some small uncut diamonds and some silver cutlery.  Bone managed to pick up the magic amulet that Gubikla was after.  Hammar leave a “You are Welcome” sign made out of stone.  Pete heads back to Hammish and heals the wagon master.

The party then continued their journey  to the White Fawn.  They pass by the grave of the plankton douchebag.  Hammar stone shapes the fancy grave stone into a giant stone dick. The party goes a little farther down the road when Othello see what looks to be at least one land ship and probably more attacking the White Fawn.

COD = Hammar –  


  1. Mark says:

    The White Fawn adventure shows the strong power of team work. However, it was a shame not able to use the boat like we wanted to. Lol

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