Adventure 70 – Battle of Korvel pass

Gubikla – Gnome: Mage (lvl 9)
Hammar – Dwarf: Cleric (lvl 9)
Pete – Dragonborn: “Real” Cleric (lvl 8)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 8)
Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 8)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 9)
Mightychondria – Half-Orc: Fighter (lvl 7)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 9)


Did Cloverdung put his head in a crocodile?

Is Kavis ever going to find his mojo?

The party starts the session at the bottom of the switch back heading up to the highvail pass.   Othello flew over on his still invisible hippogriff to take a quick survey and comes back to report   The pass has two towers one on either side.  There is a double gate preventing anyone from passing through.  The front wall is being besieged by several small Air Elementals that are blocking the arrows from the wall shot at the line of line of shielded Orc approaching with several groups with ladders bring up the rear.   There is a large amount of Orcs with crossbows and the right side shooting at the wall.  There is a small group of Orc climbing the left and easier side of the pass up to the tower there.  In the middle there is a row of Scorpion Ballista.  Just behind that is a large Air Elemental and a magic circle with three Orc Mage in it.  There are a couple of large Orcs guarding the circle as well.  

The party start walking up the switchbacks discussing a plan of action.  They stop while still covered from the ledge down.  Mightychondria get puts on a snowflake red palm cloak and starts dragging Bone toward the circle while Gubikla rides on Bone invisible.  As Mightychondria approaches the circle on of the large Orcs  see them and approaches and ask them what he is doing.  You were supposed to stay below with the boats.  Mightychondria replies but I found this guy pleasuring a sheep.  The Orc with a puzzled look on his face ask why Mightychondria has not already taken his head off.  Just as the Orc was about to try and cut Bone’s head off.  Gubikla sends his hound to bite the Orc in the family jewels. Bone tries to sweep his sword into the Orc but misses.  Tetranac had been sneaking up the side of the pass and noticed that some snow drifts were not really snow drifts.   Talin Takes the Orc pain as the signal to charge and starts flying toward the circle.  Hammar and Pete start running at full speed toward the start of the battle. Othello starts his approach on Karerat, his hippogriff.   Talin hits the ground with his hammer as he land shooting a 20ft line of rocks straight into the magic circle.  Gubikla cast Wall of Fire across the circle but instead of cutting the circle in half it arches across an invisible dome.  Bone and Mightychondria take on the Orc but are temporarily delayed in killing him when the Orc crushes a red vile and eats it.  Making some of his wounds heal and increasing his size to a small gaint.  Tetranac ended up finding some Winter Wolfs in the snow and even though he is invisible he gets a frost blast from the Alpha Wolf.  He runs a little and levitates to throw off the wolf.  Othello flies over and jumps into the front line that is close to the wall and lands on the group causing  Orcs to get thrown in all direction.  Yet a group of Orcs manages to sets some ladders against the wall.  The Ballista fire against gate and the exploding bomb attached cause the gate to burst.  The Orc crossbowmen charge the gate. Talin flanks a couple of balista and pounds the ground again causing another line of shattered rock that takes out one of the Orc Mage and the balista.  Hammar and Pete start fighting the Wolves that have closed in on them.   Tetranac cast Faerie Fire on the two wolves on Pete to help him target them.  Four of the Orcs around Othello decided to grapple him and succeeded till Othello shoots his Thunder stick into the ground lifting the group 60 feet into the air.  A couple of them fell off to there death. The others hold on till Othello lands and get blasted from the shockwave of his magic boots converting the falling damage into a force wave.  Bone finish off the Orc in front of him and charges into the magic circle.  Talin, Tetranac, Mightychondria, and Gubikla finish up the other Orcs and Wolves after Pete Banished the Alpha wolf.  Bone takes out the two magic users left in the circle as Othello blast the ladders off the wall with another thunder stick blast.  Several members of the party surround the spot the where the banish wolf was and chop it down when it returned from being banished.  The group of Orc that rushed the busted gate apparently were cut down but crossbowman shooting through murder holes in the covered passageway that lead to the second gate.  The party cleans up and helps any of the injured soldiers and rest for a day, to recover.

COD = Mightychondria for risking his neck on hoping that Bone could not understand what he was telling the Orc on his approach.   


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    Will we see more of Gubs dog eating private parts. Lol

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