Adventure 87 – Deep Hold (The healing suppositories)


Pete – Dragonborn: Cleric (lvl 10)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 9)
Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 9)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 10)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 10)
Gubikla – Gnome: Wizard (lvl 10)
Mightychondria – HalfOrc: Fighter (lvl 9)

Did Cloverdung get scared off due to the healing suppository?  

Is Kavis hiding out with Boris?


Othello “hids” and sneaks off scouting down the hallway checking for traps along the way. Tetranac hids and scouts off as well.  He cast a spell and determines there are no traps as far as he can see.  He does notice stairs going up at the edge of his vision.  He goes back and reports to the party.  Othello not noticing him heads on down the hallway and goes up the stairs.  He does notice something odd about the stairs.  He makes it up about ⅔ of the way and is pretty sure that they collapse like bleachers.  He goes on up to the top of the stairs and does not find anything else of interest.


He turns around to let the party know who have made it to the bottom of the stairs, when he gets struck by three heavy black arrows.  He also sees around eight green crystals fly over his head and land around the party exploding and creating a acidic cloud.  This blinds and defans most of the party.  Talin is unaffected but still can’t see that far in the cloud.  Bone was bring up the rear and stepped back just outside the clouds range.  Pete manages to find his way to Bone and Dimension Door passed the cloud slightly up the stairs.  Pete then activates his cloak and goes invisible.   Mightychondria and Tetranac stumbles out of the cloud toward the stairs.  Gubikla stumbles out of the cloud away from the rest of the party.  Talin just walks out of the cloud and assesses the situation.  Othello shoots a lightning bolt, hids and climbs the wall as the Orcus come down the hallway.  Tetranac cast a wall of wind at the top of the stairs to block any more ranged attacks but the Orcus march though the wind wall and engage the party.  Bone, Mightychondria, and Talin engage the Orcus in hand to hand combat.  Gublika spider climbs the wall behind the cloud and cast a fireball.  This burns off the cloud but hits Pete as he is invisible and could not be shapped out of it.  Othello manages to shoot a crystal out of the hand of what appears to be one of the two leaders in the back.  Tetranac gets hit by several heavy black arrows and goes down.  This breaks his link hold up the wind wall and the two monsters in the back throw some other crystals at the party.  This time instead of created a acid cloud these made things get attracted and stuck together.  This caused a Orcus and Bone to get stuck together.  Mightychondria and Pete get stuck together. And two of the Orcus get stuck to each other.  Bone kills the one that is stuck to him but has to drag him around to attack the others.  The last Orcus attack caused Pete to go down but he is still stuck to Mightychondria so Mighty grabs a healing position and sticks it in the first hole he finds.  This just happens to be the hole near his tail.  This revives Pete and he manages to heal himself, Mighty, and revive Tetranac.  By this time Talin has found his way up the stairs and is attacking one of the leaders that has now shapeshifted into a bat like creature.  The other leader had changed shape and knocked Othello off the wall and is flying toward Gubikla.  Othello with the help of a couple of Commanders Strikes takes out the leader still at the top of the stairs.   The death of the leader or the spell just wore off so the stuck together people were no longer stuck together.  Bone, Mightychondria, and Tetranac manage to clean up the last of the Orcus line.  But the last Orcus blew himself up in hopes to take out Mightychondria as well.  Mighty survived the fiery explosion but Pete did not. The other leader flew past Gubikla and managed to escape even after getting hit by a high level Magic Missle.


Pete being invisible required Tetranac to find him through a detect magic when the fight was over.   This lead Bone to administer another healing potion to Pete’s rectum as that was the first hole Bone could find.  Othello had a short chase of the leader to see if he could get one of his magic bolts back.  He did not check up the leader as he had a good head start.  After searching the area he found the tail of the bolt, but not the magically enchanted tip.  The party does a short rest and Tetranac is gracious enough to help Pete extract the healing bottles.


The party then head back up the hallway going back to the throne room.  They do not come across any other creatures.  They do a rest long enough for Gublika to create a Teleportation circle on the landing near the view stone.  The party then teleports back to the Fishing Bear in Wyntbridge.  


COD = Mitochondria for inventing the healing suppository.


  1. Cable Kurwitz says:

    The first healing suppository!!! Or is Pete a new age cleric?

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