Adventure 91 – Hares, Brownies, and Dragons.

Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 10)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 11)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 11)
Gubikla – Gnome: Wizard (lvl 10)
Pete – Dragonborn: Cleric (lvl 10)
Mightychondria – HalfOrc: Fighter (lvl 9)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 9)

Is Cloverdung keeping Boris away from Wyntbridge?  

Has Kavis gone crazy and started living with the Halflings?


Pete cast speak with dead on one of the giant’s heads and had Tetranac ask some questions.  The party found out the attack is going to happen in three moons.  That they were after a group of pest.  That the leaders of the citadel of frost were on the move.  That they were eliminating the Dwarven threat when attacking Deep Hold.  Pete also send a mental telling to a Flossy, Bombin, Oaksplitter, Boris, and Toothless Toney.  Warning them about the pending attack against Wyntbridge.

Pete and Gubikla decide to take a long rest.  Gubikla pops the hut and that start resting.  The rest of the party starts tracking the giants.  Othello stealths away as Tetranac helps the rest of the party track the giants path.  A couple of hours of tracking with no signs of the other giants.  Tetranac decides to use Primal Awareness to since what is around.  In the process he detects that there is a Dragon within a mile of his location.  He also fails to hide his presence from the Dragon.  He lets the party know but Othello is nowhere to be seen to warn.  As they are trying to find the rogue, a white dragon crest the line of trees and breathes frost on the group.  He also speaks something in Draconic that is insulting to the Drow.  Othello hears it but is too far away to make out what is said.  Though he know it can’t be good as it does not sound like the Drow and the mage is not with the party.  So he rushes back toward the party in time to see the dragon flying out of sight.  He hides in a place that he thinks he can get a good shot of if it returns.  Mightychondria goes and stands behind a tree.  Tetranac climbs a tree and hides.  Bone plants his flaming sword in the ground and pulls out his Black Axe.  Talin move out of the direct line between Bone and Mighty and braces himself for the dragons return.  It is quite for a minute or two before the Dragon makes his appearance when it swoops down and picks Tetranac out of the tree and lands in front of Bone as he breathes frost on him and Talin.   With Tetranac pinned between the dragons claw and the ground.  Bone attacks. The party is a little worried as  Bone has a couple of good swings that fail to penetrate the dragon’s scales.  Though he does get one good blow.  Talin steps up and Earth Reavers the dragon’s foot that is hold Tetranac.  Othello tries to teleport above the dragon so that he can land on the dragon causing damage from his reverberation boots, but misses and makes him tuck and roll to avoid hurting the nearby party members.   Teteranac use a ring that Pete gave him healing himself but also causing a side effect of making his skin turn yellow and start stinking of onion.  This also made the dragon drop Tetranac as it thinks the drow as gone bad.  Mightychondria steps up and attacks the dragon slicing into the side of the dragon.  Causing the dragon to fly up out of melee range, as it thinks about using it’s breath again.  Tetranac, Mightychondria, and Talin shoot arrows at the dragon.  As Othello uses his newly acquired scorching ray orb.  This causes the dragon to activate his amulet and open a inter planer rift that it slips through.

With the dragon gone the party head a little farther to see if they can find anything.  But nothing is spotted.  So they turn around and head back to the hut where Pete and Gubikla are resting.  On the way back Tetranac decides to look for something to eat.  He throws a dagger at a rabbit that he sees but it comes up short and the Hare hopes away but is much larger than any normal hare and it was heard calling out is shock to others as it hopped away.  Talin tries to coax them out. But does not have much luck.  So Othello comes up and introduces himself and says that the party is out looking for the giants that threaten to attack…  When Bruce comes out and introduces himself and said they had heard about Othello and they were headed to Dillhole.  They say there are dozens of giants about a day from here.  They know Boris.  Othello writes a note for them to take to Twitch and the hare’s head off toward Dillhole.

The party makes it back to the hut to see several Winter Wolfs waiting around for the hut to disappear.  Talin throws some caltrops that turn into gauntlets that slowly move to the closest enemy and grapple it.  Pete activates the banner that Talin gave him to grant sanctuary.  This helps but does not help against the frost breath of the wolves.  Tetranac levitates up and shoot the one near him.  Mightychondria moves in to help Tetranac out but is careful not to damage the pelt to badly.  Othello stays in the back feeling tired he has to take extra care in his sneak attacks.  Gublika accidently shoots a scorching ray into the back of Talin.  Othello accidently shoots Pete in the back.  Tetrenac accidently shoots Mightychondria in the back.  All at different points but all trying to hit this one wolf so Mightychondria is convinced that it has special magical property to help prevent ranged attacks.  Gubikla manages to line up a few to cast a lightning bolt. Bone is chopping away but never manages to trigger his axe into sucking another soul.  Tetranac manages to use a sleeping arrow to put the “special” wolf to sleep.  Where Mightychondria manages to tie it up for questioning and later skinning.  

During the clean up after the battle, Tetrenac see some small creatures dressed in brown creeping up toward Othello and yells out warning him.  Othello calls out to the little people to come out.  But they try to hide more till Gubikla threatens them with fire.  They turn out to be a group of Brownies on there way to Dillhole.  They offer to make some footwear for the group.  They get kinda of freaked out when Talin takes out a silver plate and rolls it toward them.  That is until Talin tells them it is just plate and they can have it.  The party then sends them on there way and finishes cleaning up and decided to teleport back to town.  That way they can get a goodnights rest and the warn the town about the pending attack.


COD = Bone for tell the Dragon to surrender or die!


  1. Cable Kurwitz says:

    Kavis will be like Lancelot (in the movie Excalibur) and return at the point when the party needs him the most!

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