Adventure 93 – A group of ravens is an unkindness. But what is a group of Dragons?

Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 10)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 11)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 11)
Gubikla – Gnome: Wizard (lvl 10)
Pete – Dragonborn: Cleric (lvl 10)
Mightychondria – HalfOrc: Fighter (lvl 9)
Hammar – Dwarf: Clieric (lvl 10)
Tetranac – Drow: Ranger (lvl 9)

Has Cloverdung found the swine he was looking for?.

Will Kavis make it to Wyntbridge before it’s destructions?


The party gathers and valuables and does a short rest.  The others take off hauling what could be scavenged from the dragon.  Pete puts on a ring that was on the dragon.  Hammar uses his dragon armor to look for other dragons.  He finds some but can’t tell if he got it’s attention or not.  To make sure Gubikla scry’s the dragon.  He does a selfie with the dead dragon carcass in the background.  He just makes sure he looks like the dragonborn before he does it.  This does get it’s attention.  The party preps for the coming battle with the dragon.  Pete hids in the belly of the dead dragon.  Mightychondria hinds in one of  the behemoth’s carscusus.  Othello hids off the east of the group.  Tetranac hids in the treed to the north.  Gubikla goes invisible and stays where he is.  Talin, Hammar, and Bone stay out middle ready to take on the dragon.  

Othello hears a dragon say y’all take the little ones I got the larger ones.  One dragon breathes on Gubikla as it passes by and heads toward Tetranac.  One turns right toward Othello.  As it seems that they can see everyone in the party Othello shoot fire bolts from his orb striking the dragon as it approached.  Talin commander’s strike Gubikla and he unleashes on the smaller dragon heading to Tetranac.  Hammar and Bone attack the Larger dragon as it land on Talin.  Tetranac shoots at the dragon heading toward him.  Pete get a weird sensation that fire was to the south of him and he needed to go find out what it was. Mightychondria leaves the behemoth and heads toward the dragon.  Gubikla unleashes a horde of magic missiles at the dragon he attacked due to Talin’s command.  The dragon falls and crashes into the tree Tetranac is hiding in making him fall out of the tree.   Thello shoot his fire orb again at the dragon but misses.  The dragon then lands on him.  Grabbing him in on claw and then breathes on him.  Being trapped Talin commands Gubikla and Bone to attack.  Gubikla fires a fireball on the large dragon.  Pete who was running toward Othello now changes direction and is now compelled to run toward Gubikla.  The dragon near Tetranac gets up and tell him he like onions as it attacks the drow.  Hammar uses spiritual guardian as he attacks the large dragon.  Bone being hasted is chopping into the dragon like a man man.  With another one of Gubikla’s spell blast the large dragon goes down.  Othello shoots the dragon with a lighting bolt and pulls out a hell hound grenade as the dragon eats him.  But due to the grenade the dragon breathes him out and he lands and slides backwards like a superhero landing.   Mightychondria sprints towards the dragon that was fighting Othello.  The large dragon comes back to life but then vanishes in a interplanar  teleportations.  Pete grabs Bone and dimensions doors to the back of the dragon near Othello.  Gubikla looks into his crystal ball trying to scry the vanishing dragon.  Tetranac tries to run away from the dragon but is not very successful.  He does use his healing ring again and this time his smell switches over to smelling like leaks instead of onion.  This cause the dragon to spit him out.  one slams his axe into the back of the dragon and there is a flash of power as Bone is restored most of his hit points as the dragon’s soul is sucked into the axe.  Bone’s eyes glaze over with a red sheen.  Hearing a voice in his head saying more.. More.  Bone attacks Pete.  Othello hexes Bone and then blinks over to help kill the last dragon.  Hammar kills the last dragon, laving Bone as the last enemy?  Pete tries dispel magic that fails.  But luckily  Gubikla’s break enchantment worked.  Bring Bone back to being normal.  But the party can’t convince him let them remove the curse from the axe.


COD = Bone for sucking the soul out of a dragon and making the whole party question if he is still a allie or not.


  1. Cable Kurwitz says:

    I think a group of dragons is called a thunder.

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