Adventure 97 – Siege of Wyntbridge – Western gate: Dolores and the schooners.

Talin – Dwarf: Fighter (lvl 10)
Othello – Gnome:  Thief (lvl 11)
Bone – Human: Fighter (lvl 11)
Hammar – Dwarf: Clieric (lvl 10)
Gubikla – Gnome: Wizard (lvl 10)

Has Cloverdung found his calling in having a the T&A on a schooner that will provide transport between the cities?

Will Kavis find his way out of his hiding spot?


We pick up with the most of the party on the wall north of the gate. Hammar talks to the a deputy and gets him to open the gate.  Talin heads up along the wall and Earth Reavers the stone wall destroying the ladder and the gnolls along that part of the wall.  Othello was sneaking up to the schooners when he felt some mental area.  So he changed direction to head north to see if he could make it around and end of the schooner line.  Coming in range of the few gnolls on the ground outside the wall he started picking them off.  Gubikla uses the air elemental to to clear out some other gnolls just north of the gate.  Bone mean while was chasing a gnoll that open the porticlips around the bottom part of the gatehouse.  

Bone kills the gnoll and heads out and finds and kills the deputy.  He finds a schooner right outside the gate that rolls in and explodes damaging the gatehouse, the gate, and Portcullis.  This does not seem to faze Bone and he heads out the gate toward the beating hearts approaching.   Meanwhile two sloops move to drop off gnolls onto the wall.  One to the south manages to get this done but the one to the north rolls past Othello where he then shoot and teleports himself roughly ninety feet above the deck and slams himself through the deck just missing a gnoll priest.  But this makes the air elemental that was propelling the boat disappear causing the boat to stop.   The Dwarfs and Gubikla curse as it was to far way from the wall to board.  So Hammar creates a bridge that slopes off the wall toward the boat and end about six or seven feet off the ground.  The Dwarfs manage to get down to the ground and gubikla blast a hole in the side of the boat and lowering the side door with a lighting bolt.  Talin and Hammar head into the cargo hold of the boat as Othello picks the lock and captains quarters.  There he finds two small kegs of exploding power that he rolls out and Hammar kick them out the boat.  Talin makes his way through the hatch shoving gnolls off.  He then gets paralysed as the priest cast a spell on him.  Hammar comes up and takes out a couple gnolls and yells for Othello to hurry up and get on the deck.  After being destracted by the chest he head up climbing on the outside and shoots the priest and his head explodes. He then drops back down and comes out the hatch to shoot one of the scorpion gunners.  Playing whack a gnome.  Hammar charges the other scorpion gunner but throws his hammer off the boat my mistake so he follows it off to retrieve it.  Talin takes out a couple more while Gubikla ends up checking the boat on fire.  We end up clearing the boat while another sloop comes into give support.  

Bone takes out several hyaenodons and their riders as they go past him.  He chases down a few more before heading after a sloop that got to close and ended up in his heartbeat detection range.  This was after killing off the large air elemental that Gubikla lost control of. Gubikla did not want to go after it due to the possibility of getting to close to Bone.  Bone has increased in size to about 10 feet and can move faster than normal.  

Talin, Hammar, Gubikla, and Othello are cleared out the support sloop after Othello again teleported into the air and crashed through the deck.  Talin and Gubikla jumped across stunning a few gnoll that thought the gap to far.  Hammar started to levitate after concentrating to use his cape.  He was also able to just start to create a energy shield with hands before he remembered he did not use shields.  The schooner started to try and escape as well as the sloop that Bone jumped up on and took out any foolish occupants that stayed onboard.  Gubikla used his gem that he enchanted to cast true invisibility on himself and dimension door Talin and himself to the schooner.  Here Talin fumbled on using his electromagnetic grenade and ended up sticking himself to several gnolls.  He eventually was able to drink a potion of storm giant strength and attack Dolores the Tiefling.  But not before taking a couple of lightning bolts.   Gubikla tried to cast magic missile against her but they were absorbed by a magic device she was wearing.  After her disintegrate spell failed and Talin looked to be poised to damage her after she was grappled by some Talin’s caltrip gauntlets, she touches her amulet and disappears.


COD = Talin for going toe to toe with Dolores.  Honorable mention goes to the Priest of Dethardt for meeting Othello as he was leaving the ship with a treasure chest.


  1. Othello says:

    The sloop that Bone attacked is looking like it took some kind of damage that weakened it structurally all over. You can actually see where he was walking and the planks are dry rotted and the lines and hawsers are the same-very curious.

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